Hooo Boy…

Well, I’m back. Since writing my first post, not a lot had changed. Next week is going to be very full of me trying to catch up on revision, and coursework. Uni is starting soon, and it is looming over my head.

Now, let’s talk about what I have done:

I got the spices I wanted to cook more Asian-inspired food for packed lunch. I also discovered some vegan jerky that is something awesome.

I reorganised my clothes, and boy, does it feel great. My desk is still a mess, but baby steps are still steps.

This post is still a little rambly but I’m here to ramble. 😀 

This is not the most interesting, but consistence is the key, so…


Hi there!

As a part of becoming a successful adult person (ha), I decided to start sticking to things. The first step is of course publicly archiving my loserdom. As it stands I am a halfway-ok person. I want to be better, so here we are. If you share the same drive to be the best version of yourself, then stick around, and we will progress together.

So welcome here, to the journey in nowhere in particular.